YXT 20

Conceived by Lynx Yachts, the innovative design of the YXT series embodies seaworthiness and strength, with their no-frill lines, these yachts mean business. The YXT 20 is the most compact of the YXT series, offering extended benefits to every owner.

YXT 20 primary features and functions: • A spacious 45 square metre deck space for larger tenders, additional toys, sail boats, waver runners and much more, which can also be adapted to accommodate events and parties. • Large beach club. • Additional guest accommodation. • Additional crew accommodation. • Additional laundry, dry and cold storage capacity. • Support for going ashore in shallow water. • Usage as support vessel for sailing yachts or as regatta committee yacht. • The crane at stern enables the beach club to also carry tenders and jet skis. • The stairs and the first four metres of deck are teak. • Main propulsion consists of two 715hp Cummins diesels with a cruising speed of 14kn and a range of 900 nautical miles.

As the most compact of the YXT “support vessel series”, the YXT 20 can accommodate four in her crew quarters with two twin cabins with baths, galley, stowage and laundry rooms. An additional segregated stowage compartment is on the lower deck for extra refrigeration or wine storage – if necessary it could provide extra berths.

The YXT20 features two cranes:
The primary crane is on the main deck, having a five metre reach 360 degrees, with a lifting capacity of 1.7 tons. The second is at the stern to serve the beach club, having a 4.85 metre reach on 120 degrees, with a lifting capacity of 0.5 tons.